Search engine marketing also know as SEM involves the promotion of websites through paid placements, PPC, contextual advertising, and paid inclusions

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing, also known as SEM, is an additional form of Internet Marketing that helps promote a website's visibility on the search engine's results pages (SERPs) through the use of paid for advertizing. In fact SEM can be bought as a stand alone package. What this means is that a client does not have to have an optimized website to subscribe to a SEM Package, although having one does yield better results and in most cases can lower ad rates.

SEM Pay Per Click Ads (PPC)

Perry Marshall, in his Guide To Google AdWords, says this about PPC advertising: "It is about getting in front of people who are looking for what you sell right this moment and get them to respond."

AdWords are a pay per click search engine marketing method that can be incorporated into any internet marketing package. PPC is exactly what it means, the client pays a small fee every time their ad is clicked on. Client's ads appear on the very top or right side of search engine results page everytime a user queries the search engine for a Keyword or Keyword Phrase we are targeting. Ad positioning depends on keyword bid price.

Advantages of PPC Ads

  • Instant first page exposure
  • No real on page SEO is required
  • Brings instant website traffic
  • Can be set up within a few hours
  • Can target specific Keywords

Paid placements, contextual advertising, banner ads and paid inclusion are all different methods of paid advertising on search engines. Some require PPC budgets, while others ask for a monthly or yearly fee. Most Search Engine Marketing campaigns will include a little bit of each method for a wider search engine exposure.

One of the biggest kept secrets about SEM is the preparation of the target page or Landing Page.

Search Engine Marketing Landing Pages

A properly managed SEM Campaign can bring much needed traffic to a website right away. Internet marketing professionals can create the concept for a SEM campaign , write the ads, select powerful keywords and monitor the results. Most people believe that results are measured by the number of clicks to a website. Well excuse me for saying but that is a realy bad metric. Instead Position Front Page believes that since SEM is costing the client money, conversions or sales would be a far better metric and show a clear ROI (return on investment).

For that reason alone creating the right, fully optimized, target page would really help increase conversion rates.

Landing Pages, sometimes referred to as sell pages, are designed with one thing in mind, to convert the visitor into a lead or buyer. Good SEM campaigns should be set up with the right landing page. This way when a user clicks on an ad (banner, text, inclusion etc.), they land on a page that answers all their questions and can convert them right away.

SEM Costs

The mere mention of PPC scares any business. PPC Costs can shyrocket quickly. But they don't have to. Good Internet Marketing firms can help client's make fixed PPC budgets. A good SEM campaign will have everything planned out and the client will know exactly what to expect in terms of costs. In most cases, Position Front Page for example, always runs under its allocated budget while maintaining above industry average conversion rates.

The most frequently asked question we get about PPC is: "What is a good PPC budget?" The answer is not so simple, but in broad terms, anything less than $500.00 USD per month is a waste of both time and money. The average good budget is between $3000.00 - $5000.00 USD per month. And if you are the FORD motor company $10 million dollars a year is just about right.

The second most frequently asked question we get about PPC is: "What can I expect as far as ROI is concerned?" We always tell clients the same thing. If you want $10,000 in sales in one month then you will need to spend roughly 10%-12% of the target figure.

Finally, expert management of PPC campaigns usually involves both a set up fee and a management fee. The set up fee is determined by the complexity of the campaign. The management fee is usually a percentage of the monthly PPC budget.

Search Engine Marketing Services

Keywords/Key Phrases Search
Because user tendencies change we will run our Keyword research program 2 times during the 6 month long contract to determine if the Keywords or Keyword Phrases we are advertising with are still effective. Should the case arise and it usually does, where better search terms are available we will revise the list and re-optimize the required ads.

Expert Management
Our SEM professional will work with you to determine the best monthly budget for all paid Search Marketing. Once a budget has been set up and approved we will further divide the budget into two main areas. The areas are, pay per click ads (PPC) on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and banner ads on related or relevant high volume websites.

We will manage any and all your PPC campaigns. Our duties will include, creating ads, selecting keywords, determining markets, monitoring and reporting. Our PPC manager will strive to get the client the very best possible ROI.

Landing Pages
The most effective way to maximizing conversions is to create self sustained micro or mini sites, which will include a landing page and the supporting pages to finalize the conversion. We will design and build, populate and install these landing pages on the client’s website for the client for any and all campaigns we create.

Pricing and Information

Search Engine Marketing is a powerful tool that allows your website to start making sales right away and SEM should be a part of any internet marketing strategy. If you would like more information on our search engine marketing services please click here.

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